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Plasmonic Materials

Light-controlled nanomaterials are revolutionizing sensor technology


Scientific American

by Javier Garcia Martinez on September 14, 2018


picture credited to Scientific American

Sir David Attenborough @ Katowice 2018


Starking message from one of the most charismatic TV personality, environmentalist, campaigner and promoter of our blue planet.


"Homo sapiens are tremendously resourceful and ingenious, so we we can solve the problem if we act"



Third industrial revolution by Jeremy Rifkin


" Third industrial revolution (digital revolution): new conversion of communication, power and transportation. The communication internet is now mature, and is converging with a nascent digitalize renewable energy internet, and the two are converging with a fledgling automated GPS and soon driverless transportation logistics internet. These three internets ride on top of a platform called the internet of things."



Peafowl Solar Power at the Web Summit


• 69,304 Attendees

• 363k coffees will be drank

• 1200 Speakers

• 2600 International Media


#WebSummit 2018 in numbers.


Peafowl Solar Power was there...




UPPGÅNG: '...En av Uppstartsbesökarna var Cecilia Tilli från konsultföretaget Lindhea som kommit för att hjälpa till att lansera en ny typ av solcellsteknik.'





En snabbtitt på höjdpunkter från UIC-dagen! I augusti 2018 kom över 300 startups, tillväxtföretag, entreprenörer, investerare, politiker och aktörer inom näringsliv och universitet för att inspireras och knyta kontakter.


Solar power is here to stay but not all solutions comply with UN sustainable goals.


Solar cells that can deliver high power at a reduce costs are or will be available in the nearest future. However, not all the solutions are truly good for the planet. Society must be seen as one of the early adopters of technology, which is also possible if the positive impact supersedes significantly the negatives.


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Peafowl Solar Power is a spin-off from Uppsala university, Sweden, developing a new kind of groundbreaking plasmonic solar cell technology.

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