Invest in green: Reducing corporate carbon footprints

Buildings account for 32% of total energy use globally. As more people in the developing world get access to adequate housing and electricity the importance of energy efficient buildings increases. On the bright side, implementation of best practises and new technology could halt or decrease energy use and carbon emissions from buildings globally, even as population grows.

For commercial buildings, heating, lighting and cooling are some of the major energy uses and therefore central in creating energy efficient or carbon neutral buildings. Since buildings typically have a very long lifetime, retrofitting of old buildings is also vital.

Peafowl Plasmonics addresses these needs by enabling and improving technologies for energy efficient buildings. Integration of our transparent solar cells makes cost-effective deployment of the latest technologies in smart windows and automated building management systems possible. We eliminate the need for expensive cabling or battery dependence that otherwise hinder development. Meanwhile, the property value increases as the owner can improve BREEAM ratings, the world’s foremost environmental rating system for buildings.

According to the IPCC, buildings represent a critical piece of a low-carbon future and a global challenge for integration with sustainable development. Together with our team, our investors, our partners and clients, we will rise to that challenge. Read more about buildings and sustainability in the IPCC report here.

let’s make energy beautiful – together

Peafowl Plasmonics closed a seed round investment in May 2019 from a consortium of funds and international investors. Our focus is commercialising our plasmonic energy harvesting technology in the smart buildings and self-powered IoT sectors together with commercial partners and customers.

We are always looking to engage with potential investors, so please let us know if this is of interest to you!

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