The Peafowl Solar Cell is the first direct plasmonic solar cell.

A direct plasmonic solar cell converts light into electricity using plasmonic nanoparticles as the active, photovoltaic material. Plasmonic nanoparticles can absorb up to ten times more light than other known materials. Because the Peafowl Solar Cell is so efficient at converting the light it intercepts into electricity, it can produce electricity even when very little light is intercepted. This is the key to the ultra-high transparency of the cell.

Direct plasmonic solar cells should not be confused with plasmonic-enhanced solar cells that use plasmons to boost performance of other technologies, where the photovoltaic effect occurs in another material.

The Peafowl Solar Cell is similar in structure to conventional organic solar cells and can therefore be inexpensively manufactured through a printing process in room temperature.

You can download a scientific paper on the technology that is co-authored by our founder Jacinto Sá here. You can also download our technical sheet below.